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____ The Kindergarten program at AHSS is based on early childhood principles and the concept that “play is the work of children”. Activities are planned around the interests and needs of the children who participate in directing their own learning.
Throughout the year children are actively engaged in hands-on projects and thematic study units. Both the Arabic and English languages are emphasized throughout. The children participate on many field trips to places like bakeries, animal shelters, museums, and places of cultural and historical interest in the Amman area. They also have an annual olive-picking and olive-making activity after which they enjoy a breakfast together featuring their homemade olives. The children also share in the making of other dishes such as soup and spaghetti. The AHSS Kindergarten emphasizes the concept that children learn best when they are actively involved in their learning.
In our kindergarten learning is a team effort, and our goal is to help our children become independent, joyful learners.
AHSS standards for a child leaving kindergarten are high: reading at least 18 words, learning the ABC’s, and the sounds letters make. Math learning includes counting beyond 150, skip counting, adding and subtracting. We take into consideration the child’s maturity level. While all of these skills are being presented, we don’t pressure children who are not yet ready to learn them.
It is a very exciting curriculum. We work on social skills, rules, art, and music skills as well.
The kindergarten accepts children between three and five years old in its Pre-KG, KG 1 and KG 2 classes.