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The Philosophy of AHSS

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AHSS's Core Philosophy

In the Abdul Hamid Sharaf School, the needs, feelings, and characteristics of children shall be considered in the planning of learning experiences. Discipline will be an important part of the school and will be developed, but regimentation will not be allowed because it is incompatible with developing children’s independence. Children must be helped to develop self-discipline and to accept responsibility for their own actions. Children will be encouraged to clarify and develop their own sets of values: honesty, respect for other people and their property, and good citizenship will be stressed. Each child will be treated as an individual and will be helped to develop his or her own style of learning because learning is a lifetime activity. Education must help children to be flexible and adapt to a changing world. Education in the Abdul Hamid Sharaf School will be child-centered and related to the surroundings and interests of children. Real learning can take place only if it is relevant to the child’s world. The school is an extension of the home. Children should feel proud of their school as they do of their homes. The school must be a warm, friendly, accepting the place where nobody is afraid or threatened, where everybody feels welcome and wanted and is allowed to reach his or her fullest potential both in personality and intellectual development. There must be an atmosphere of mutual respect among all members of the educational community. Interest and motivation and trust are the keys to learning. Without these elements, no real or lasting learning can occur. The teachers of the Abdul Hamid Sharaf School will try to guide each child and help him or her to realize how exciting learning can be, and to feel secure in the knowledge of self-respect and self-worth.

At AHSS students feel comfortable and welcomed, as the overall atmosphere of our school is very friendly. It is as if we are a family!