American Program (High School Diploma)

The accreditation of the ACT Exams/Tests is now available in conjunction with the other required subjects which were previously accredited.

The High School American Diploma H.S.D new regulation options are as follows:

1. Seven SAT Subject Tests SAT (II)(passing score 450/800).

2. Four AP Subjects. (passing score 3/5)

3. ACT + Four SAT Subject Tests (SAT II).

4. ACT + Three AP Subjects.

5. Three AP Subjects + Two SAT Subject Tests (SAT II).

6. Two AP Subjects + Four SAT Subject Tests (SAT II).

Accordingly, the SAT stream will be decided according to the SAT Subject Tests and/or AP Subjects. 

For the scientific stream, the student should pass three scientific Subject Tests (SAT II) and/or AP* Subjects. Whereas one of them should be Mathematics.

The literary subjects from the Tawjihi program (Religion, Jordan History, Arabic), the GCE Arabic, or Arabic from other programs are still counted as SAT Subject Tests (SAT II).


*A Level Arabic is counted as one of the AP exams.

**SAT Math Level I and SAT Math Level II are considered two different exams.

***SAT Biology E and SAT Biology M are not considered two different exams but as the same exam.

Equivalency Average Calculations:

40% from the ACT tests.

60% from the SAT II or AP exams.

AP scores conversions  
The raw score of the AP exams is converted into a score of 5,4,3,2 or 1

AP External Exam ScoreOut of 100 (Tawjihi)

SAT Subject Test scores conversions:

Divide each SAT Subject Test score by eight.


*No school marks are included in this criterion.