Academic Programs

School Academic Systems Offerings:

*These streams can be equated to the Tawjihi.​

American Curriculum

American High School Diploma (H.S.D)

The American Academic Program is designed mainly for students who want to enter American universities worldwide and for students who want Jordanian Tawjihi equivalence in order to enter Jordanian colleges and universities. The subjects offered are:

American Curriculum Subjects

English LiteratureArabic (National/A-level)
Spanish LanguageIslamic Religion
Christian ReligionAmerican (US) History
World historyJordan History (National)
ChemistryModern Chemistry
BiologyModern Biology
PhysicsAdvanced Physics
Environmental ScienceAlgebra I
Algebra IIGeometry

British Curriculum

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

IGCSE ( 9 -10 Grades )

Preparation for the ordinary level examinations (O-levels) of the GCE and IGCSE takes two years beginning with 9th grade. The curriculum provides a broad and balanced range of subjects:

IGCSE Subjects:

Classical ArabicHuman Biology
English as second LanguageBiology
World HistoryPhysics
*HistoryEnglish Literature*

*Only offered at grade 10

GCE ( International A-levels )
A-Level (11-12 Grades)

Preparation for the advanced level examinations (A-levels) takes two further years of intensive study. Courses offered at the advanced level are:

A-level Subjects:

Modern ArabicBiology
Business studies