First Year Parents’ Meeting & Discussion

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Wednesday, the 7th of November was the day that a lecture, with Dr. Sue as the presenter, for the new students’ parents occurred. The point of this lecture was to make the parents aware of the school policy, where the school is heading and the objectives.

One of the most impressive aspects of the lecture was how Dr. Sue encourages creativity. This means that students are should innovate and develop an interest alongside improving their academic skills. An innovative child is deemed to be a great one.


     Parents have questioned about the different school activities offers. This Monday after-school activities will start. Activities launched include carpentry, football, gymnastics and ping pong (table tennis). Also, AHSS annual school art contest will occur soon in which multiple schools come to AHSS to compete with their artworks.


     One of the points discussed regarding the school’s new policy is that, previously, the school used to teach all the subjects for the first and second graders in Arabic. However, this was troublesome for many foreign students who make a huge percentage of the student body, making it hard to keep up with the other students academically. To fix this problem, the school decided that it would be better to teach those grades in English as it makes things fair.


     Unfortunately, Dr. Sue pointed out that bullying between students is increasing, claiming that students get this behavior from outside of school, as the Abdul Hamid Sharaf School has zero tolerance policy for bullying. It was advised from Dr. Sue to watch out on the young students long hours of playing on video games since they are easily influenced through them with violence. Recent research gives evidence supporting the claim that long playing hours on video games can cause students to become anxious and angry rather than more relaxed.


     Finally, the Abdul Hamid Sharaf School aims to be a comfortable school for students, where they come excited and happy to learn and engage with their friends. For any inquires and suggestions from parents or students about the school’s activities program, please do not be hesitate to ask and comment below. We will happily take answer!
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