Students Achievements


Queen Rania UK learner awards

 The Abdul Hamid Sharaf School congratulates their students:
Zeina Wahbeh for scoring the highest mark in the Edexcel International GCSE Mathematics exam. 

  Moudi Fawzi for scoring in the top 10 in the world in the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level for the Edexcel Arabic GCE exam.

  We wish them the best of luck for their future successes and accomplishments for their extraordinary achievements.

IGCSE Top in Country

Candidate NameSchoolSubjectCode
Zeina WahbehAbdul Hamid Sharaf SchoolMathematics4MA0

GCE Top 10 in World AS

RankCandidate Name SchoolSubjectCode
Joint 1 Mohdi FawziAbdul Hamid Sharaf SchoolArabic8AR01