AHSS Hosts Iftar for Orphans

By: Saad Mousa, 12B 

As the Holy Month of Ramadan graces us with its presence, Abdul Hamid Sharaf School embraced the spirit of giving by organizing an Iftar gathering for orphans on the 20th of March. This prestigious institution is not only dedicated to academic pursuits but also to fostering a sense of community and social responsibility. The iftar was a beacon of hope, providing nourishment, joy and a sense of belonging to those who have faced life’s toughest challenges early on. The school’s initiative stands as a testament to its commitment to humanitarian values and the nurturing of young minds both inside and outside the classroom.

With the help of Mrs. Reema Al Ramahi, high school students gathered people of different backgrounds to share our laughs and stories with each other.

“By organizing something like this, we’re able to really look at ourselves and thank God for our blessings and be grateful for our lives,” said Layan Ismail, a 12th grade student. “It just allows us to remain humble, and we’re here today to mix people of all ages and all classes just to show the world that we’re all are the same even if everyone has a different story and a different background”.

Not only did the students learn a lesson, even the teachers learned a lesson as well.

“I’m spending a very spectacular time with them,” said Ms. Ommaya Al-Abbadi. “They really want someone to care about them, and I’m very honored to have done that. Their excitement really makes us feel like we did a very good job, and to be honest you, the students are the ones who did that, not us. I hope this activity gets repeated every year with the hope of helping them and putting a smile on their beautiful faces.”

While the kids played and were having a great time, spending time with older students, who they might have seen as role models, Mrs. Reema Al Ramahi shared her feelings.

“I learned that giving is the best feeling in the world. Giving without waiting for anything in return, that’s the best thing,” Mrs. Reema said. “God asked us to do that and to always help people in need in any way, and I’m very glad that I have done that today.”

This was the first time AHSS has hosted an event like this.

“It all started when the 11th graders asked us to make an Iftar in school for the students, but I suggested to mix this idea with a good deed that would allow us to look back at and be thankful for what we’ve done,” Mrs. Reema said. “I thank everyone who helped us make this become one of the best events that happened in this year.”

The kids had a blast with games and crafts planned by AHSS just for them. It’s not just about the food, it’s about making the orphans feel special and giving them a great time. By the end of the night, there were lots of happy faces, and it’s clear that this Iftar did more than just fill up bellies, it filled hearts too. It was a perfect ending to a night filled with love, laughter, and the spirit of Ramadan.

Note from author Saad Mousa: I just want to thank everyone who participated in it Mr. Tarek Dahdah, Mr. Nicola Dahdah, Ms.Reema Al Ramahi, Ms. Julia Dahdah, Mr. Jeff Dahdah, Ms. Amy Dahdah, Ms. Alia Al-Aqrabawi, Ms. Nadia Alnajjar, Ms.Maram Diab, Ms. Ommaya Al – Abbadi, and all of the staff members who participated in the event. Also, I’d like to thank the students who showed up and decided to be a part of making the kids’ faces shine with happiness.

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