AHSS Student Group Wins National Competition

An AHSS student group won the national competition for Best Overall Presentation experience in the British Council’s “Your World Competition 2023-24.” Students Tuwaij Sarrar, Mohammad Younes, Serge Hayrabedian partnered to create a video presentation called “Climate Change, from Crisis to Action.”

The competition was judged by a panel that included in youth impact and filmmaking in collaboration with the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation. Ms. Jood Abweh oversaw the student’s work. 

There were 25 schools across the country that submitted for the competition. Last year, AHSS won for best visual design. 

Congratulations to the students, Ms. Abweh, Ms. Khawla Hakim, British System Coordinator and all who had a role in the student’s achievement. 

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