AHSS Student Stars in TV Series About Palestine

Celia Al-Nffar shown playing Maliha in an advertisement for the CBC TV Show.

An AHSS student is starring in a CBC Egypt TV series coming out during Ramadan about Palestine called Maliha. Fifth grader Celia Al-Nffar plays a young version of Maliha in 1990’s living in Palestine when her family is forcibly displaced by Israel. 

“She was living with her family happy and safe in her home, she was going to school like a normal person,” Al-Nffar said. “Then one of the days the Israelis come and start bombing them and the girl gets really sad.”

Maliha shows the ongoing Israeli displacement of Palestinians by following a family over the course of several decades. 

“They want to show the people of the world how it’s still going so they can stop because it hurts and children are dying,” Al-Nffar said. 

Al-Nffar filmed on set in Egypt for a few weeks this Winter and will be featured in six or seven episodes of the series. Al-Nffar was selected for the role out of more than 75 applicants. The show is produced by United Media Services. 

 The filmmakers hope showing the violence Palestinians are subjected to will help move people across the world to take action and call for an end to Israel’s aggression. 

“I’d like to show the world that people are dying in Gaza, this has to stop. It’s not nice, it’s not good, people want to live,” Al-Nffar said. “It will never stop if people don’t boycott.”

Maliha is scheduled to air on the 16th day of Ramadan on CBC Egypt and the ON Television Network. 

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