Alumni Highlight: Dalia Dajani

Pictured: Dalia Dajani (AHSS Alumni), Lina Dajani (former AHSS Teacher), Ali Murad (AHSS Student), Adil & Kareem Al-Ameri (future AHSS alumni’s).

Dalia Dajani graduated from AHSS in 2005. Dalia then moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Human Resources, Industrial Relations, and Psychology from Saint Mary’s University. She then recieved Master of Employment Relations Degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Dalia worked in the HR field in Canada for many years until July of 2021 in which Dalia and her husband, Ahmed, decided to make the move back to the Middle East(Qatar) to provide their boys, Adil & Kareem with the opportunity to learn Arabic and Religion, a move that brings great memories on why a lot of kids from AHSS moved back to Jordan from abroad.

A message from Dalia:

The days and years flew and the memories of all the time spent at AHSS resonate with Dalia to this very day. From walking into the school on the first day with the warmest of welcomesfrom Mr. Farid and Dr. Sue (May both their souls rest in peace), it was immediately a life changing experience. With AHSS’s slogan of being a school for life, this is what it truly was and still is. AHSS embraced everyone with open arms regardless of where they came from, what academic standards they had, or what challenges they were facing, this is when Dalia truly learned the meaning of ‘inclusivity’, and decided that HR was her calling and went on a mission to create inclusivity in all the organizations she joined. 

AHSS has been a family home more than anything, not only did Dalia’s sister Lina Dajani teach at the school but also Dalia’s nephew, Lina’s son, Ali also attended AHSS very recently along with a countless number of cousins, and relatives. “AHSS has become a part of our identity as a family, and we all take pride in the AHSS connectivity to this very day.”

Today, Dalia lives in Qatar and teaches Human Resources at the University of Doha for Science & Technology following a career in HR with the institution. Furthermore, Dalia just launched her own HR consulting business, HR Hut Consultants, a global HR consulting firm that offers job seeker and organizational services.

“Thank you, AHSS, for the wonderful memories and for shaping me into the person I am today, I am forever grateful.”

-Dalia Dajani

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