Social Studies – Grade Three

To deepen the understanding of the students, Mrs Lana has organized an activity, where students of the third grade crafted their posters and presented them.

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Spelling Bee

The spelling bee took place on December 6th, 2018, in the auditorium. It was a way to test the students, grades 1-7, in their knowledge

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Arabic Grade Six – Poetry

In an effort to raise the students’ ability in Arabic and to boost their confidence in the language, Mrs. Omaya Hosamieh has organized a poetry

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Senior Bake Sale

Did you pass by our second senior bake sale today? This Sunday, the Class of 2019 have organized a bake sale to the whole student

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Presentation: Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is constant debate, the struggle of both nations continue to increase and while both sides never settled on peace. Therefore, the students debated

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