YARA: A Session About Global Dignity

YARA (Youth Association for Reality and Awareness) was established in 2010 by a graduate from Abdul Hamid Sharaf School, Amir Shihadeh. Mr. Amir graduated from AHSS in 2004, founded YARA in 2010, and now is the CEO of the company Mlabbas. Along with a part of his crew, he came today to lecture students about dignity.


The first thing that Mr. Amir talked about was the definition of dignity. He explained how it can be defined in different ways depending on the person who is defining it. For example, somebody’s dignity could be about respect; respecting himself, respecting others and being respected by everyone.
Furthermore, he talked about the tools of dignity. He questioned the way we define things such as our mobile phones as ‘tool’. After a few answers from the students, he said that depending on your dignity, you can define what it is, how it works and how it could be used.

Students working on their letters

Afterward, students were dismissed to their classes with a YARA employee to talk in depth about dignity and work more on implementing and clarifying the workshop. Students were asked to join up in groups and to write down how they would describe their dignity. When sharing with the class, students explained how each aspect of their definition best describes their dignity.
It was a great pleasure and pride to know some of the Abdul Hamid Sharaf School’s alumni students to be very successful throughout their careers and how each one of us can build his career. Thus, a motivation for all of us to work and strive hard to earn what we seek for.


Tuesday, November 13th, 2018
Edited by: Osama Shammout.

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