Yearbook + Journalism Club

Calling for all students at AHSS! We are having a Yearbook Committee and in collaboration with the Journalism Club to design the 2018-2019 Yearbook and the school’s newsletter!

We are looking for people with various talents!

  1. Our Grammatical Warrior.
    Do you fancy writing for hours and wish you could publish your work?
    Do you like covering events and writing the bare truth?
    Do you think the Creative Writing class during English is below your standard?


  • Our Ambitious Photographer.
    Do you like taking picture?
    Maybe you have a little passion in excessively editing your Instagram photo? Exposure, brightness, or contrast?
    Do you think every place can be a great place for a picture?



  • Our Creative Designer.
    Ever wondered what would school be like with no core subjects?
    Do you keep doodling state-of-the-art pictures during class time, yet no one appreciates?


We would also like some savvy people with great marketing skills to advertize our yearbook.


If you would like to join, please email, or talk with the Seniors.

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