Art Competition

The Abdul Hamid Sharaf School hosted on April 8th, 2019 the 4th annual art competition in the school’s patio coordinator by the Arts teacher Mrs. Maria.

The goal of the art competition was to show the artistic talents of many young students. Every year, AHSS invited various schools to attend the competition alongside their art teachers. This competition can play a major role in uncovering natural talents of the students, where in this case, the students find a platform to display their creative and artistic abilities. Competitions like these give a chance to budding artists to showcase their skills and experience a diverse form of learning which they might not otherwise have access to. This event motivates young artists and helps them to develop their creative skills by exposing them to the contemporary talent in the field. By observing the work of their peers, students have the opportunity analyze and evaluate their techniques and get ideas from others. Awards were given to the top three students; this motivates them to work harder and influence the students who did not win to keep working until they reach their artistic goals.

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