Health and Wellness Policy

Entry, Pick up, and School Visit Procedures

  1. Families should drop off and pick up at one designated area and designated timings with no interaction inside the school.
  2. There should be no access to the rest of school facility by family members and visitors.
  3. Family members should be given maximum time limit of 5 minutes in the designated  area  to  pick up / drop off.

Monitoring Attendance and Contact Tracing

  1. A policy of, “staying home if unwell” for students with symptoms, should be enforced.
  2. Upon the onset of the academic year, the school should collect health forms from all students and staff.
  3. The school must maintain records of its staff, guests, members, students, including names, telephone numbers, and visit dates to assist if contact tracing becomes necessary. The school must maintain accurate work records of its staff for contact tracing purposes.
  4. If staff, guests and/or students were confirmed positive according to a COVID-19 PCR test by an accredited facility, the school will be closed for 14 days.


  1. There will be daily clean up and sterilization of all areas and surfaces of the school premises.
  2. Frequently touched areas, surfaces will be disinfected after every use to ensure the highest efficacy of disinfectant action.
  3. Clear guidelines have been set for security staff and those who are cleaning the school facility to ensure they follow the right measures such as wearing gloves and masks while cleaning.
  4. Anyone entering the premises should be checked for wearing mask and should be asked to use the hand sanitizer available at the entrance.
  5. The teachers should encourage a paperless strategy and elevated use of technology in the educational provision to minimize contacts.
  6. Where possible, all spaces should be well ventilated using natural ventilation (opening windows).
  7. Ensure that all staff and children:
  8. Frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly. Review the guide lines on hand cleaning
  9. Clean their hands upon arrival at the setting, before and after eating, and after sneezing or coughing
  10. Encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose.


All staff, visitors, and students over the age of 6 are mandated to wear masks at all times inside the school from entry. Noncompliance will lead to denial of entry to the school facility.

Set-up / Physical Distancing Arrangements

  1. Classroom area supports sufficient room for groups to maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5 meters per child in each classroom.
  2. Ensure that toilets should not be crowded by limiting the number of students who use the rest room at one time.

Educational Provision

Provision for students in pre-primary, KG1 and KG2 will require “stable” groups of 10 or fewer children. “Stable” means the same 10 or fewer children are in the same group each day. This group of 10 children must be cared for in a space that cannot be accessed by children outside the stable group.

Special Events

  1. Cancel or postpone special events such as festivals, holiday events, special performances, and sports tournaments until further notice.
  2. Group activities such as school trips, celebrations, sports and student camps should be suspended.

Shared Resources / Materials

  1. All equipment in classrooms such as, books, scissors, pens, pencils, arts materials and messy play resources are sanitized after each and every single use when possible.
  2. All classroom items should be immediately removed if sneezed on, coughed on or put in mouth.
  3. Teachers will provide soft copies of teaching and review materials and will encourage paperless work in class or for homework. Digital hand-writing and typing should be accepted for relevant school work.
  4. Unnecessary material, equipment and furniture should be removed from classrooms.
  5. Toys and other common resources should not be shared with other groups of students unless they are washed and sanitized before being moved from one group to the other.

Food and Beverages

  1. Families should supply food & beverages for their children along with their own plastic safe utensils.
  2. Staff must also bring in their own food and drink.

Teachers will supervise to ensure that children do not share food.


  1. Our school will use buses at 75% capacity and place marks on chairs for seating guidance.
  2. Bus hygiene will be maintained by following the appropriate sanitization and physical distancing standards.
  3. Ensure proper ventilation in the vehicle at all times. Avoid recirculating air, and encourage the use of windows whenever possible.