Community Service: Meeting

Today, students from grades 9 through 12, from both sections: IGCSE and SAT have welcomed the arriving students from RJS (Rawabi Jaffa School) in order to start their first meeting. The two schools have been conglomerated through Wasel Organization.

The first meeting began with a warm up at the school’s auditorium where each student paired up with a student from the other school, then, each student gave speech introducing their partner. Afterwards, the organization -Wasel- gave an introductory speech about the mission and the students’ goals that should be achieved by the end of this community service program, which in the first semester is to set the plan and strategy for the initiative, and by the second semester, to deploy and execute the plan.

The Organization explained what social initiatives are, how to do one, how to brainstorm, finance and launch the initiatives. Moreover, students discussed the contemporary issues facing Jordan such as, unemployment, ignorance, social-class division, judgement and prejudice, and bullying. Later on, Wasel Organization explained how the students will work, described the phases of work and sat the values that everyone should maintain and respect. The five values were: Compassion, transparency, learning, teamwork, and diversity.

The meeting then was summarized and each week: two students were given the task to document, one to bring articles from local news, and students who were the most successful will do a “celebration circle” to congratulate them on their outstanding work. At the end, students from both schools were joined to eat and chat about the meeting and discuss about their future plan for the next week.

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