Anti-Narcotics Lecture

Drugs are a serious problem that the Jordanian government started taking seriously since 1968. Any person from any age group can become an addict, and since teenagers are a specially vulnerable group age; the Abdul Hamid Sharaf School brought Hussein Al-Manaseer from the Anti-Narcotic police department. In an attempt of raising awareness to the serious and spreading problem of drugs.

Mr. Al-Manaseer explained about the most popular drugs in Jordan (Marijuana and the Joker). He also discussed about the teenagers’ most used place to take drugs which is the bathroom and how one should note the signs of a drug taker, such as talking too long, bloodshot eyes, laziness, and the constant sleep need. He later added “addicts can take treatment by themselves at the Anti-Narcotic police department for medication and they will not be asked for anything such as their name, or from whom they bought the drugs from in order to protect ones identity.

Submitted by: Student Mohammad Al-Mousa
Reviewed by: Osama Shammout

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