Mother’s Day Celebration at the Kindergarten

Mother’s Day most commonly falls in the Arab region on the 21st of March every year, pinpointed by the start of Spring. It traditionally involves presenting mothers with flowers, cards, and other gifts. Mother’s day has many meanings, honoring the mothers tedious work, and appreciating the one that loves us the most.


Many of our mom’s hard work usually go unnoticed, from the second she acknowledges our existence, to the stages she goes through every day, carrying our “undelightful” weight as it gets heavier and heavier as time passes by.
Then, after going through all the hassle and nauseousness, she gives birth to us, here, where a whole another stage begins, this stage is characterized by very distinct features, first of which are: sleep deprivation, back pain, and restlessness. After growing a bit,  she starts running around the house collecting our clothes, force feeding us when we reject, and then when we become conscious, we stop spending as much time around our moms and instead shift towards the outside environment, discovering new people, new places, and a whole new world


For this special reason, at AHSS, we celebrate these hardships of our moms, their everyday struggles raising their babies in which in their eyes never grow. Therefore, on the early morning of Thursday, we have called forth our superheroes -our dear moms- to honor them and enjoy this lovely day in which they will spend with their children.
The children sang along the piano tune played by our teachers, and the garida mothers took pictures with their children to memorialize this very special event.

Happy mother’s day! To every mother out there, thanks for the unconditional love you have given us, to the confidence you planted in our souls and to the spirits that have risen us, in which, have made us the people who we are today. Thank you!

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For more photos for the mother’s day you can view the gallery by clicking here 
Article By: Osama Shammout 11 SAT
Photographs by: Sameer Al Jabari 11 SAT

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